The One Thing That Beats Working Long Hours — Every Time

by Lucas Kleinschmitt on March 31, 2011

I’m talking about intensity. I’m saying that our attitude is the key to our success.

The amount of time we invest shrinks in importance when compared to our passion for the work we are doing, to our craving for excellence, and to our refusal to deliver mediocre crap.

We need to commit to our work. We need to care. We need to cry and to celebrate. We must connect with our work so intensely that every work day feels like a rollercoaster ride.

Only then can we produce greatness.

Passionate Hustle Beats Guild-Induced Labour

Granted, it’s hard to work intensely if you limit yourself to two hours per day at the office. And sometimes, working intensely can mean skipping a night of sleep.

But that’s ok if working long hours is a consequence of intensity and not something we do for its own sake.

Passionate hustle beats guilt-induced labour — every time.

What You Can Do Now:

So, how can you increase the intensity with which you work? It’s simple:

Passion + Initiative + Energy = Intensity. Intensity leads to success.

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